Acting Your Inner Music

Moreno institūts Latvijā ielūdz uz Joseph Moreno meistarklasi

Joseph J. Moreno, MT-BC Joseph Moreno is Professor Emeritus of Music Therapy at Maryville University and Director of the Moreno Institute for the Creative Arts Therapies in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He has long maintained an interdisciplinary approach to his work and has innovated in the areas of music in psychodrama and group therapy processes, as well as in his extensive field research into the indigenous world traditions of music and healing. Author of the book, Acting Your Inner Music: Music Therapy and Psychodrama and numerous article publications, he is internationally recognized and has presented music therapy workshops in more than 50 countries. In 2001 he was presented the National Award in Research and Publications by the American Music Therapy Association.

Meistarklases programma:


Introduction to music therapy;
The sources of the creative arts therapies,music,art,dance and drama in the indigenous traditional healing practices of the world;
Music and imagery: part one;
Music and imagery: part two


Music therapy and psychodrama;
Music improvisation as a projective technique in individual and group therapy processes;
Music therapy with developmentally disabled and autistic children;
Music and art therapy: part one


Music and art therapy: part two;
Music therapy at end of life;
Multicultural music therapy: music therapy and the blues and jazz improvisation techniques;
Music and dance therapy: parts one,two and three

Meistarklase notiks: 11.05.2018. – 13.05.2018.

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Norises vieta: City Hotel Teater, Bruņinieku iela 6, konferenču zāle “Bruņinieks”

Dalības maksa:

  • 150 Eur (t.s. PVN un kafijas pauzes) – veicot apmaksu līdz 01.05.2018.
  • 180 Eur (t.s. PVN un kafijas pauzes) – veicot apmaksu līdz 10.05.2018.
  • 200 Eur (t.s. PVN un kafijas pauzes) – veicot apmaksu semināra dienā.

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